The Trust's role is that of ensuring strategic and financial support to our core philanthropic initiatives while managing our financial assets in line with our values.



All of the Trust's philanthropic work  is based on a systemic-change approach build on empathy and is implemented and supported through Firetree Philanthropy and Starfish Education.

The Trust is not intended to exist in perpetuity, but rather to ensure that our assets (financial of course, but also any and all knowledge we have developed over the years) can be best put at the service of value aligned changemakers.

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Starfish Education directly and collaboratively manages a set of interconnected programs aimed at ensuring all children in Thailand have equal opportunities to access quality education through innovative learning and technological solutions that seek to fill public education gaps through public and private collaborations.

Starfish Education’s team works toward achieving its purpose by being both education practitioners and advocates for innovation and best-practices in education. At Starfish, direct practice always informs advocacy activities and ensures empathy with teachers and educators about their challenges. You can read more about Starfish Education here.

Starfish Education is endowed through the dedicated Starfish Education Trust.

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Firetree Philanthropy is the philanthropic arm of the Trust through which we support people, grassroots organisations and networks that are building more inclusive, equitable and just futures in the Asian communities in and for which we collectively work.

Firetree Philanthropy manages all the Trust’s external grant-funding to philanthropic partners, develops context-specific initiatives and fosters collaboration with value-aligned philanthropic organizations and networks and advocates for trust-based philanthropy. You can read more about Firetree Philanthropy here.     

Firetree Philanthropy is endowed directly by the Firetree Trust.



In managing our financial assets, we strive to apply the same values that drive our philanthropy. Although we do not have a dedicated program, we can allocate a portion of our assets to support social enterprises and/or value-aligned entrepreneurs by providing patient loans, lines of credit and other flexible financing mechanisms while refraining from adopting any "impact-investing labels" to this part of our work. We simply believe that when an opportunity arises, we must try our best to provide support in the most appropriate way.


We are currently in the process of setting up a dedicated structure, the New Spirit Capital Fund, to manage the majority of our  financial assets in line with our values and philanthropic model. As for any other program and initiative we establish, it is essential to us that the person leading such fund is extremely value-aligned with Firetree.