Firetree Advisory Pte. Ltd. is the Singapore based corporate trustee of both Firetree and Starfish Education Trusts.


Firetree Advisory is responsible for the execution of the Trusts' philanthropic mission as well as for the financial and asset management of the trusts, compliance and administrative work, including the oversight of our controlled entities in Thailand and the Philippines.

The Trusts’ philanthropic mission is achieved through two programs of Firetree Advisory: Starfish Education, led by Dr. Prae Seributra, and Firetree Philanthropy, led by Nicky Wilkinson. Starfish Education and Firetree Philanthropy therefore are not legal entities but internal initiatives of Firetree Advisory as Trustee of the connected Trusts.


Francesco is the managing director of Firetree Advisory Pte. Ltd. and the protector of both trusts, ensuring that all our philanthropic as well as assets management initiatives (including grants and investments) are aligned to our core values. He is deeply involved in the strategic planning and high-level operational decisions as a though-partner of Prae and Nicky's, who lead their respective initiatives and work with their teams and Boards to set the vision, identity and strategy and design the programs implemented by Starfish Education and Firetree Philanthropy.


All Firetree Group’s philanthropic initiatives are located in Asia, from where they are managed.



Nicky Wilkinson

Executive Director, Firetree Philanthropy

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Terri Jayme-Mora

Special Projects Lead, Firetree Philanthropy

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Michael Fua

Director of Programs, Tondo Community Initiative

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Chiara Ka'Hue Cattaneo

Special Projects Lead, Firetree Philanthropy

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Pratistha Rayamajhi (Thapa)

Fellow (Nepal), Firetree Philanthropy

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Gaurav Tiwari

Fellow (Nepal), Firetree Philanthropy

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Kate Griffin

Senior Technical Advisor, Development

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Dr. Nanthaporn (Prae) Seributra

CEO, Starfish Education

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Yoko Teruya
COO, Starfish Education

Nopawan Komyoung

Director of Communications & Partnerships, Starfish Education

Worachatr Chavalitporn

Finance Director, Starfish Education


Francesco Caruso

Managing Director and Trusts' Protector

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Mark Cox

Operations Coordinator

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Jessica Pracey-Smith